This year marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn. It may seem paradoxical to speak of celebrating the anniversary of somebody’s death, but in the case of Joseph Haydn, who was without a doubt one of the most positive and life-affirming composers of all time, there is no paradox about it.
Everyone who is familiar with Haydn’s "Funeral Symphony" or "La Passione" knows that even in these works, Haydn’s cheerful disposition and irrepressible joie de vivre shines through. HAYDN YEAR 2009 has been conceived with the goal of giving everyone who visits Burgenland in the next year a little of this joie de vivre to call their own. Haydn’s musical world is so complex that there will definitely be something for everybody. Haydn wrote nearly as many operas as Giuseppe Verdi. On top of that, he also composed 107 symphonies, 69 string quartets, 128 baryton-trios and 14 masses - more than Franz Schubert, for example. HAYDN YEAR 2009 will make it clear what a universal musical genius Joseph Haydn was. There is an incredible amount to be discovered in Haydn’s works. But the trip to Burgenland is worth taking not only for the music. The beautiful landscape, the more relaxed pace of living and the many culinary delights that await guests to the region are good reasons to visit Haydn’s Burgenland at every season of the year.
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